We're almost there! - Dailey Chicken Farm
Well most of the extra random chickens have been sold and most of the cochins are now seperated by color.

Pen 1: 2 Mille Fleur roosters, 1 Calico hen, 1 Mille Fleur hen, 1 too-dark Mille Fleur hen, 1 black mottled hen and 1 dark brown hen with gold penciling on the breast.
Pen 2: 1 Splash rooster, 1 black hen, 2 splash hens
Pen 3: This will be the Barred pen. Right now we've only got 1 rooster and one chick that is promising to be a pullet. The rooster isn't correct in his color but he's just too pretty to get rid of so we're going to see what we get from him.

Our black hen is sitting on eggs from Roslyn Pickens. Colors include: blue/black mottled, calico/mille fleur, blue calico/mille fleur, lavender/calico, and splash. Roslyn has really nice cochins and we're excited to add the chicks to our flock.

Now I'm off to update the rest of the site.

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