We have decided to pretty much focus only on our Bantam Cochins. We will still have a few other chickens running around but not many. Right now we are working on selling out of most of our chickens that do not fit with our breeding plans. Contact us to see what we have available. 

We have lots of cochin chicks available! 

We have three cochin hens sitting on nests right now. Two are due this week and the third is due in two weeks.

We've had a problem with chicken snakes stealing eggs this year. We've already killed 4 in the last month!
6/22/2013 20:29:37

Hello...my wife and I purchased some Calico Cochins a few months ago. Love them, they are very sweet. Question...I suspect they are Bantam instead of regular size chickens....can u tell me how I can find out? Do I have to wait til they are 6 months old or older?? I really need to know as I have to sell most of them and I want to tell potentials the truth....I have pictures I can send u....any help is greatly appreciated....THANKS!!


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