Well it turns out that the Wheaten Maran egg was mis-marked because the chick is black not yellow. So definately NOT wheaten maran. I contacted the lady I bought the eggs from to see if she has any ideas.
Well so far we've had 16 babies hatch, 3 didn't make it so we're at 13 babies. There are still 17 eggs in the incubator and they weren't actually due until today so I'm going to wait until probably Saturday before taking them out. I've got more eggs that need to go in the incubator asap so I can't wait too long.
So far we've got:
2, maybe 3, Golden Lakenvelder
6ish Bantam Cochins
1 Wheaten Maran (woot woot)
1 Cuckoo Maran
2 Black Sexlink (1 boy, 1 girl)
1 Blue Laced Red Wynadotte
There's also 1 blue giant cochin that has really been fightin. He was not doing good at all but has managed to really pull through. He couldn't move, couldn't hold his head up, wasn't opening his eyes, basically just laying there barely breathing. I was sure he wouldn't make it. It took him all day yesterday but he's finally holding his head up and attempting to cheep. He's trying to walk but his legs aren't quite functioning like they should so he kin
So the adventure begins! This will be my first ever attempt at a blog. Short and sweet today.

We've got babies hatching! Several different breeds. I'll be putting up what hatches and let y'all know which we're keeping for ourselves and what we will sell.